Thursday, August 21, 2008


There is the Act of growing up that we all are aspiring to learn. To get interested in ways of life and to get disinterested in many others. We develop likings . acceptable. But we develop even more ‘dislikes’. Do we know enough, to know that some things , rather, many things should not be liked by us? I do not know any thing at all. Hence I cannot decide why I cant like something. When did our minds start conniving on planned territorial maps? Today there is the young college goer who reads the “money matters” page in the newspaper and discards the rest as if undeserving of print status.
How one transforms from an innocent face to a triple chinned mannequin has a direct link with the time graph of mental regress.
I am assuming we shall have to therefore , maintain , the valves of our mind, to keep them free and functioning . they get clogged somewhere down the lane . I guess we ll need to oil them back to working state. To be rude is a basic case of a one way valve in the mind which sadly cannot budge from its habit. Just oil it and you may possibly realize the flip side has you stamped bang on it! Valvular freedom -the circulation of the mind. Seems to be a nice concept . Help me out . Have you seen the mind?

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