Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Think spaces

Our current design project deals with a very busy highly commercial and at the same time a very personal space , the Jayanagar 4th block shopping complex site. Each student in the studio has come up with various propositions as to what the space lacks or needs and what needs to be done for that(considering that the existing built does not exist).
I am proposing the idea of a 'think space' as an intellectually stimulating culural magnet for south bangalore.A place which makes use of the intellectual and mental resources of the multitude of people already coming to the area (who otherwise just shop, eat some 'chaat' and go back as passively as they came!).
Now comes the task of identifying various the behavioural patterns ..
When does a person use his mind or 'think' in the active mode?..
A student travelling in a bus to college everyday invariably goes into daydream reveries gazing out of the window.. A husband waiting outside the operation theatre has his thoughts doing tripple shifts! The retired men and women sitting on park benches may be calculating how many hours of their life they can remember anymore..the passive thinking and the active thinking.
A pause in a hectic routine, like a scene in slow motion, where you can fill in 'more' time into time.

I am still groping from one string to another . Trying to grasp what a think space could need or would give. I would appreciate your comments . It may help me out...


Prateek said...

quite a thoughtful proposition. so literally, i understand that a 'think space' is a place where one introspects, contemplates and applies his mind into something.. could be active or passive.. but the idea is to give some food for thought. rite? very interesting to me. still thinking.. :)

Navin said... want to make someone think...? might want to streamline it a bit more., might want to concentrate a particular age group. see the surrounding urban scenario and see what sort of people it gives you??

Hope you theorise and make it work, and not let the project develop into a hypothetical one! keep updating!