Wednesday, June 17, 2009

june rains , gokarna #3

Kotiteertha is being drained dry.

It seems they want to clean it.

Of what? Of sins?

A million thousand sins must

Be afloat in the tank water.

A water pump , most probably,

Would not want to mess its machine

With this sinful business.

Maybe a sin or two, distilled out

And got stuck into the gear box.

A crystallized sin,

Deposited into one of

Its pipes perhaps.

A layer that reforms,

Every time you scrape it off.

Maybe then, a thoughtful boy,

Chancing upon a precipitated sin,

Bottles it up and

Sells it for 20 Rupees.

Sin on sale !

Are there any buyers?

1 comment:

Samata Joshi said...

Drying it? No way :(

**Excellent piece of writing though.