Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Last Waltz

(photograph: Jozef Krajko. Source

The Last Waltz

Standing on the window ledge of the 33rd floor,
She wonders why the traffic
Below is unusually still.

Yesterday's tequila glass
Still clinking in her ears,
She edges inch by inch
On high heels.
A black suede waltz
On the 33rd floor
On the 17th day of the 3rd month.

The music of the taxis,
Ringing like an orchestra,
All awaiting the lady in red,
To make the first move.
One step in front.
One step back.
Two to the right, one to the left.
Back and front.
Aaand let go.

Down on the pavement,
Beside a yellow cab,
A man in a tuxedo,
in black suede shoes,
and Elvis burns,
Heels clicked in attention,
And lips curled in,

Up on the 33rd ledge,
She gets ready for the free fall,
Into the waltz of a lifetime.


Sarvotham said...

17th day of the third month... isn't that your birthday?? :) Interesting and a great pic to go with it.

Sridhar Mahadevan said...

33rd floor! Interesting pattern.