Friday, April 29, 2011


(Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind)


Can you hear the tambourine,

As you flame up the night,

When sea waves crash across

Memories in sand?

This is it, it's going to be gone soon.

I know.

What do we do?

Enjoy it.

Like green meadows

You run into wilderness,

Your red burns the forest,

Singeing dry leaves,

And crumpled letters,

Beneath our feet.

Last night you were

The blue moon,

The ocean swelled in your eyes,

And teased the sand

Sticking to your brow,

Don’t stir, lest you wake,

The waves are at your behest.

When you stood on that far edge

Of the breaking line

Between dusk and dawn

What colour were your hands,

As you bent into the ocean

Caressed the waves,

And turned the sea into purple desire..

Through your hair

Let me run my fingers

On my hands,

Let me get some colour,

I will meet you once upon a dream,

Memories seem too old today,

You are not a concept,


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aandthirtyeights said...

A girl I met who reminded me a lot of Tangerine once said to me, "Listen, I'm not some psuedo-chick you picked up at a book-reading."